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A Trip to Australia

Last week I went on a business trip to Australia. The company I work for creates software for forensic crime labs and we had some work to do with the Australian Federal Police. As part of the trip, my co-worker and I got to spend a few days in Sydney, which was awesome. The rest of our trip was spent in Canberra, which is sort of like the Washington D.C. of Australia. On our way back from Canberra to Sydney, we missed our flight back to the U.S. and had to stay another day in Sydney.

The people in Australia are very nice. I’m not used to being in a big city with kind people. It seems strange, but it’s true of Sydney and Canberra. We also got to tour the Parliament House and the Australian War Memorial among other places. The only down side to the trip is the jet lag, which I’m still recovering from. Below is a random selection of the hundreds of photos I shot

Sydney Harbor Boat
Sydney Harbor Cruise Ship
Sydney Opera House Sunrise
Sydney Harbor Sunrise