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Hopi Salt Trail: Grand Canyon, AZ

Even though I live in Arizona, I have only been the Grand Canyon 2-3 times. So, when the opportunity came up to do a 6 day hike in the Canyon, I was all for it. I thought I was physically prepared, but WOW was I wrong. This hike was awesome, but way over my head in terms of physical demand. Most of my time was spent dealing with severe muscle pain, a twisted ankle and a toenail that fell off. It was pain, but pain builds character and I feel changed by the experience, in a good way. Also, I had the support of a great group of guys who were generous and accommodating the whole way through, some of them family, some of them friends.

I tried my best to shoot some great photos, but like so many people find out when they experience the Grand Canyon, you just can't convey its majesty in photos. I did my best and despite renting a high dollar, wide angle lens, I only came away with one "money shot". I think you'll be able to figure out which one I'm referring to below. Funny thing is, that photo, with the Colorado River snaking through the ridge (yep, that's the money shot), was taken with my pocket camera, the Sony RX100. That little camera is impressive. Anyway, I'll be going back to the Canyon, but next time, I'll be prepared physically and photographically. And the photo at the bottom, that last one, I'm the dude with the beard in blue, in case you were wondering.