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Sony RX100 For Concert Photography

I have long wanted to use my tiny Sony RX100 for concert photography. It's perfect. It's so small that most concert security guards wouldn't think twice about letting me in with it. In fact, that's what happened to me last night at the Violent Femmes concert in Tempe, Arizona. The security guard took one look at the RX100, grunted and waived me on through the gate. No problem. If I had tried to bring a larger camera, I would be denied entry for sure. But, the joke's on them because this little camera can shoot DSLR quality images.

The lighting conditions at this concert venue where horrible and my position pretty much sucked. I don't think the images below are by any means remarkable, but, considering the lousy light and bad position, they'll provide some memories of a great concert. The reason they are in black and white is due to the terrible color of the light used on the stage. Terrible blue and magenta lights everywhere. I think they do this on purpose to make photos look bad, but that's just a guess. After converting to black and white, they don't look half bad. I'm impressed with the performance of the RX100. These where all shot at ISO 3200. A bit grainy? Yes. But totally usable. This is one of my all time favorite bands and now I have some decent shots of them on stage.